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“Of Hunting and Nature” is a documentary project about nature, wildlife and hunting within the twelve months of the year and the four seasons. 

The project started by the photographer Andrea Boscardin in 2014 and still in progress involves not only photograhpy but aso: watercolors, objects (finds), texts, maps, illustrations, drawings, videos and taxidermy. 


The final result will be a series of books and a physical installation called: “Collection”.

The “Collection” involves natural finds and interesting objects (natural and no-natural) collected during the researches and then cataloged, prepared and preserved inside a handmade showcases, bottles and jars.


"This is also a journey made of long waits and sudden meetings, long silences and unexpected discoveries, of wide spaces and little moments.

After such long walk I realized that Hunting and Nature are (as probably life and death are) strictly connected between themselves.
Hunt is life and death and Nature is life and death.
This journey is about Hunting and Nature and also, may be, about life and death.

Welcome to my world, welcome to "Hunting and Nature".  


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